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Sad Day For Ripa: Kelly in bad shape and can’t believe what his life has become! – C2

Kelly Ripa surprises fans and viewers with her latest announcement!

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan have been cohosts of their live talk show since 2012. It wasn’t until recently that some issues seemed to arise, but they must have escalated quickly because recently Ripa, without any further notice, didn’t show up to the show leaving her team and viewers very confused!


Appareantly, news had been circulating that Michael will be leaving their show to join Good Morning Americaand Kelly  recently found out and was caught offgaurd. That’s why she didn’t show up. Sources say that she was simply hurt that there was no prior notice, but Michael feels as excited as ever.

“I was reading some stuff and it sounded like I died,” he said on the episode. “But I do want to say to all of our viewers out there, everybody who’s watched this show over the last four years…thank you guys. Can’t ask for better fans at all.”

Pop Crush even reported on the sad situation…

“According to TMZ, Ripa is furious — not about Strahan’s move, but the fact that he gave her no prior notification — and couldn’t stomach the fact that she’d been “stabbed in the back.”
TMZ also alleges that Ripa and Strahan haven’t gotten along lately, and that she finds him to be condescending and arrogant. “Apparently Michael often rolls with an entourage and it doesn’t sit well with her,” the site alleges.”

We are so sad to see this duo is breaking up but we are so excited to see Michael join the GMA team!

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