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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 axed as Kaley Cuoco exits the show?


American network, CBS, has been airing one of its hit television sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, also known as TBBT by some fans, for ten years. This time, the series is rumored to be facing issues with its cast including a possible exit of three main actors.

Recently, rumors have been claiming that Kaley Cuoco, who portrays Penny Hofstadter on the show, is leaving TBBT after wrapping up for Season 11, reportedly because of some issues with the salary.

Later, it was reported that she is not only cast that is speculated to be signing off. Apparently, three of the main cast are rumored to be let go by the production team of the series.

“We Can’t Believe She’s Gone, It’s Devastating”


According to the previous report, the 30-year old actress’ demand for a higher salary had somewhat triggered the staff to exclude her from the next storylines of the series.


Following this, her love interest on the show, Leonard Hofstadter, portrayed by Johnny Galecki, had decided to exit from the show if Cuoco is not returning for the eleventh season.

I Can’t Believe She’s Gone: Big Bang Theory Pays Tribute


It can be recalled that the two characters have an inseparable bonding and relationship on the tenth and previous seasons of the series, especially when they got married. So, if a possible exit from Cuoco is indeed going to happen, Galecki thinks the show would never be the same again as it originally is.

Morning Ledger also reported that Jim Parsons, who portrays theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper on the show, is also rumored to exit from The Big Bang Theory after it was reported that the production team could apparently not afford anymore his high standards of receiving payment.

Parsons has had a significant number of awards and nominations that brought the show to spotlight, so it may be understandable for some to think why he should have higher pay than the rest of the casts.

Moreover, Cuoco’s diva attitude may also cause her possible termination from the show. She was reported to be insecure that the storyline was not focused on her relationship with Galecki’s character anymore.

The Industry Mourns, Penny A TV Icon Will Be Missed


Meanwhile, the aforementioned source reported that one of the series’ executive producer, Steven Molaro, had apparently hinted the hit sitcom’s grim future. As the rumor about the three cast’ possible exit surfaces, fans are wondering how the show will go on without them.

When asked the future of the show, the producer said, “I don’t know.” He added that the writers are taking it one step at a time and have not really thoroughly discussed the issue. About the salary issues, Molaro said that it is not for him to worry about putting up the numbers for the actors involved.

Our Prayers Are with Her. Sad Day for the Big Bang Theory


However, the studio has not really spoken about the speculations presented, and fans of the hit television sitcom are eagerly waiting for the official statement they might give in the near future.

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